Jan & Monika

Video: What’s Behind Social Media Jealousy In A Relationship?


Do you have a boyfriend who always leaves comments on other women’s Social Media pages, and it makes you feel insecure? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

On this episode of Relationship 911, relationship coaches Jan and Monika shares a step by step process to help you navigate through this common problem affecting a lot of women today.

It starts by looking at the root of the problem from the inside as pointed out by Monika. Jan, on the other hand, suggests getting opinions from close friends. Asking your friends can serve as a ‘litmus test’ to know if you’re overreacting or not.

If your friends agree with you and tell you that there might be something wrong, go ahead and talk to your partner and have a clarifying conversation. Talk about your upset with your partner.

An effective way to do this is first to validate and acknowledge your partner’s feelings and intentions that what they did came not from a wrong place. You can then talk to your partner about your feelings and help him validate you.

Finally, create an agreement for the benefit of the relationship through a beautiful conversation with him.

Takeaways from this episode:

• Do the work yourself first. Work on whatever it is that you get to heal inside.
• Solicit ideas from friends to determine whether or not you’re overreacting
• Validate and acknowledge your partner’s actions and feelings and help them validate you as well.
• Have a beautiful conversation and come out with a Win-Win scenario for you and your partner.

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