Jan & Monika

Video: How To Pick Which Family To Visit During The Holidays


Have you and your partner ever had to choose between two family traditions to go to during Easter? Or for any other holiday for that matter?

On this episode of Relationship 911, Jan and Monika provide insights on how to handle the issue of picking which family to visit during the holidays.

Monika starts by explaining the easier route to solving this problem: trading on and off spending time with both families. Although this might be an obvious choice, that doesn’t always mean that the family is happy about it, especially if it’s a new relationship. So you and your partner need to communicate about this.

Jan then explains how this is a communication issue, as well as a partnership issue. The key is to determine which family is going to be more upset and whose life is impacted as a result. This situation is an opportunity and a conversation for your family to deal with all the people related to you as an individual.

In the book of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Monika explains that as a couple, you should never make assumptions. Always communicate with your family before you make your decision. You can do this by making it something everybody gets to talk about so that no one can make assumptions.

It can probably be just one time where you and your partner work hand in hand and stand for what’s best as a new entity, while still loving your family and keeping traditions in the holidays intact.

Takeaways From This Episode:

• Communicate both families’ problems before making any decisions
• Establish your family rituals
• Make it something everybody gets to talk about so no one can make assumptions.
• Partner with your partner and stand for what’s best while still love your family and keeping traditions intact.

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