Jan & Monika

BLOG: Top 10 Reasons to Travel the World



1.You learn things about yourself you never knew.


2.You taste new flavors and introduce yourself to unfamiliar cuisine.


3.You see sunsets you have never seen, and clouds you have never seen, and vistas you have never seen.


4.You hear languages that may be new and different for you.


5.You awaken your sensory system newly as you inhale new scents, taste new flavors and see new sights.


6.You learn to navigate yourself through new terrain and new environments.


7.You meet new people and often make new friends.


8.You learn patience as you get challenged when hurdles or unexpected barriers arise, and you move through them.


9.You typically experience gratitude for your life, for your capabilities, for your adventurous side and for your resourcefulness.


10.You get to share amazing stories with others, and possibly even get to go on trips with people and witness through their eyes everything anew again.


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you’re brand new to the “travel the world game,” I encourage you to come aboard and try it for yourself. These top ten reasons to travel the world are not just concepts, they are at the very heart of the month long vacation and journey we are on as a family.


We will be visiting eight countries over the next month. We started in London where we tasted the delicious bangers and mash for lunch, then we were off to Madrid where we went to the Museo del Prado to devour Bosch’s painting, “The Garden of Earthy Delights” as well as the Museo del Jamon where we devoured delicious Jamon Iberico Bocadillos (sandwiches).


Now we are headed to Paris where we will celebrate my daughter’s 13th birthday. A birthday she is sure to never forget, while my son will get to practice speaking French and visit museums that house the artwork he just spent the past year studying. After Paris, we will be heading to Germany to introduce my children to their aunt, uncle and cousins for the first time ever, and I will get to relax and be with friends I miss dearly. After a little R&R with the family, we head to Prague for the amazing colors and delicious food, and allow the sweet sounds of violins be music to our ears. From Prague we will visit the picturesque landscape of Salzburg, which we have been told looks as one would imagine if you stepped foot into a wedding cake. From Austria we travel through Switzerland, and head over to Italy where the canals of Venice will lull us into a daze, and we will basque in the warmth of the most gorgeous Italian sunsets. From there, we spend a week with my mom on the Amalfi coast enjoying fine food and memorable moments with my extended family.


This is a trip of a lifetime, and it is already soothing my soul and elevating my gratitude for the dedication and work we all contributed to provide the time and resources for a trip like this.


If this speaks to you, paints a vision for you of what you look forward to doing in your lifetime, or it’s just on your bucket list, then do not delay – begin to dream, envision, talk about and plan your big, epic, world adventure. The money will come sooner than you can imagine when you put in motion what you want, how you want it and what you are willing and committed to DOING to make it happen. It all works… it simple requires co-creation.


May you live big and take people with you.