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WakeUP! 010: Healing Connections with Emily Aubé

As a child, Emily Aubé was free to explore and find her truth. Her mother, a medium, allowed her to observe healing and connection at a deep level. While her family went through a rough divorce when she was 12, Emily was rife with anxiety. She was diagnosed with six anxiety disorders and during a panic attack she believed she was dying. She was able to recover by owning her issues and by removing fear from her life.


Instead of keeping such an amazing talent to herself, Emily lives as a change angel. She is a transformational coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, an intuitive writer, a healer, a speaker and founder of the Anxiety Free Community, a mental health organization. She developed the Anxiety Free Toolbox and will soon be hosting a Ladies and Gents Mastermind through which she will help spiritual entrepreneurs find a balance between their spiritual, emotional and financial endeavors.

Get ready for Episode 10 with Emily Aubé!


Key Takeaways:


[1:46] How panic attacks and anxiety inspired Emily to create the Anxiety Free Community.

[7:36] Connection and spirituality as tools to remove fear from your life, making anxiety manageable.

[10:02] When should affirmations or refrains be used?

[13:14] Emily was able to change her relationship with her anxiety when she owned it.

[15:27] Traditional credentials could have an adverse affect on how Emily works with patients.

[17:14] Emily’s Ladies and Gents Mastermind will help spiritual entrepreneurs find a balance between their emotional, spiritual and financial energies.

[22:57] Emily was given her experiences to Wake Up! early so she could bring emotional healing to the planet.

[25:15] Depression left Emily with a choice, to give up or to own her story.

[26:25] A soul-to-soul connection with her mother allowed Emily to explore what her truth was.

[29:21] At 19, Emily started her coaching career and then started readings to pay for a training.

[33:49] Emily learned to read cards from observing her mother, the channeling comes naturally.

[35:36] Practice what it is that you want to be in the world.