Jan & Monika

Episode 007: Are you in control? Do you need to be?

Monika and Jan Zands lead you into the final week of “Your Way is not the only way.” Their purpose is to spread love on the planet by recognizing people’s uniqueness, and this week the topic Monika and Jan are diving into is “Control.”

Control is usually related to desire, but things do not always turn out the way you want. What is the most desirable outcome? How can we surrender?  What does Control mean to you? How do you judge something? Sometimes you consider an experience to be the worst, and then time shows you that the experience had a meaning to you, and turned out to be just perfect for you. The miracle of life is really to understand that the way we see things is only a minimum expression of the plan that is set for us; by letting go, we are surrendering to the universe’s flow. Where are you controlling? When do you think the “control” is needed? Love is usually behind the control, but it might not be the best way to achieve what you want. That “should,” that you project on others around you, and how things are supposed to happen, that is what control feels like.


Practice along with Monika and Jan, by giving a list of areas that you think you can control, expose yourself, defy your certainties. Jan himself opens up to express how he perceives the control, even during the session while talking about control. We all experience this tendency to control, feeling that our worth is in the outcome we were expecting to follow. Freedom is to find the opportunity that is presented to learn from. There is nothing that you can do entirely by yourself; you cannot exist without the interaction and relationship with others and everything around you. So pretending that control is something you can really execute, is actually an illusion.

In a world of co-creation, we are giving up control. How do we balance control, in order to surrender, but at the same time have a purpose and a mission, in a world of co-creation? Monika gives the listeners a breakdown of the process from Control to Surrender: Life does not have to be lived “either or.” Listen to your inner dialogue for a clue to the outer work. Ask yourself daily, “Am I Free?” and if you don´t feel free in a certain area, then, “What is needed?” Seek for other ways of doing things.

Everything that is happening is supposed to serve you, live each experience fully, learn from them! We often feel exhausted because we have the feeling we are doing it all by ourselves, and that is for the illusion of being in control. Let go! Surrender!

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