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Blog: Let’s Get Strategic About Intimacy

I am elated to share a dream I have for you. YOU GET TO BE IN LOVE AND LOVED!

Whether you are currently in the relationship of your dreams, or you are seeking it, I wanted to let you know that YOU GET TO HAVE IT.

The question is… would you be ready to receive it, if it were standing right in front of you?

There are a few things that are required to make sure you are ready, but to start I want to let you in on a little secret. I came across a book that opened my eyes to a new way to relate to the intimacy paradigm. Desmond Morris studied the patterns of intimate connect and discovered that there are 12 steps.


The key to these steps is that it does not matter how long it takes to move from step to step, it’s just imperative that no steps are skipped. It is possible that intimacy will arise if you skip 1-2 of the steps, but any more than that causes the subconscious chain of intimate agreements to be broken, and consequently unrepairable. What an incredible metaphor for life! It does not matter how long it takes for you to get through the steps to be successful and abundant, it just matters that you do not skip any steps.


As I pondered this concept, the question I was left with was:“What are the steps that will lead to my success and abundance?”



It is important to create a plan to accomplish what you want in life. Some plans are strategic and some are tactical, meaning some require more planning and simpler action steps and some require a lot of complex action steps, but the key is the thoughtful and intentional preparation that precedes jumping into action.

But where do you start to create this plan? Well I have an assignment for you.

Spend time identifying the steps you are currently taking in an area of your life, or business, that you would like to see new results. Then interview 3-5 people who are having greater success than you, and learn about their journeys and how they got to that place. See what you can learn from them! and find out their steps. Work on combining them together in a way that will create YOUR roadmap for success. And give it a spin! If you do the steps one by one, do you begin to see new outcomes and different results?

Please share your steps with us once you have noticed that they have begun working, so that you can pay it forward to our #TribeOfGreatness!! Greatness is in you, you simply have to remember to find it and let it SHINE!!