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WakeUP! 008: Being Disruptive with Joshua Davidson

It is safe to say that most teenagers are not founding companies, like social entrepreneur, Joshua Davidson. He founded his first company, Chop Dawg, at age 16 and his second company, Subtle, at age 19. Now, Joshua utilizes his skills to assist startups and grow businesses to make a positive impact, while also developing his own businesses at the same time.

Joshua’s company, Chop Dawg, is a full service startup catapult that takes entrepreneur’s ideas from concept to reality by utilizing leading designers and developers. Chop Dawg provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of services including web and mobile development, wearable technology, and branding and marketing strategies. Through this process, entrepreneurs are able to build successful brands that design, plan and implement their objectives.

As CEO and founder of Chop Dawg, Joshua spends his days being innovative and spends his nights networking and brainstorming with fellow entrepreneurs. This inspiring young man plans to apply his skills to make a powerful impact on the lives of others while bringing true quality in the startup scene one business at a time.


Get ready for Episode 8 with Joshua Davidson!


Discussion Questions:

– You started your company, Chop Dawg, at the age of 16, what was your motivation to be successful at such a young age?

– How do you advertise without spending any money?

– When you are faced with people who are negative, how do you cope?

– What would you say to someone who wants to drive their passion but also wants to create balance in their life?