Jan & Monika

Episode 006: Releasing Judgement to Be Your Authentic Self

What is our mission in this planet? Monika and Jan Zands’ mission is to help you find your mission in this life. We often put so much expectations and judgements upon ourselves that we cannot see our true authentic self. This month’s topic is “Your way is not the only way,” Monika and Jan continue exploring the different perspectives in which we can perceive reality.



How we chose to experience our life makes all the difference. Your lens (perspective) changes according to all the variables you are immersed in. Different realms combine everyday to lead our perception. — The physical realm, is your body which is giving you messages constantly, whether we acknowledge them or not. — The mental realm is your thoughts. — The emotional realm is your feelings. — The spiritual realm is the often most challenging to noticed, the energy around it is love. Any of these realms can be clogged, it is important to have movement in the different realms. When you receive information, the mental realm is the one working, but all the realms need to take part, in order for people to find true healing.

Ask yourself the following question: “Am I willing to consider?” getting off your way as the only way starts there, just being willing to listen to another perspective. Limited and dynamic perceptions of reality are explored again during this show, but going deeply into the feelings, especially the “upsets,” which are beautiful gifts of the universe that tell where we need to focus our attention. Then we make assumptions and have an interpretation, afterwards we get in touch with our feelings and we make future choices based on those feelings, building a behavior. If it feels like an upset, usually underneath there is a judgement. One of the sources of human suffering is wishing that things should be different from the way they are.

“Healing is the application of loving to the parts that hurt.” This is the principle of compassion. Practice with Jan and Monika, let them lead you to find your own assumptions/judgements and find the healing you are needing. The work is to forgive yourself, doing the best you can, this is the access to freedom. Practice compassion and forgiveness towards yourself, release self-judgements, start healing and getting in touch with your authentic self.

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