Jan & Monika

Episode 005: How Your Experiences Are Serving You

Monika and Jan Zands aim to be your guidance for you to learn to love yourself, each other, the journey, and how to spread more love on the planet! Keeping with the monthly theme, “Your way is not the only way,” this amazing talk begins questioning how different perspectives affect the interpretation of the reality that you are living; can you go through life seeing different perspectives? Yes, you can!

Perspectives can lead your emotional responses and your belief system. Questioning your perspective might be the key to more awareness. If your way is the only way, then no one else exists, if you shift your perspective, and realize that your way is not the only way, then everyone serves you in some way, and you start focusing in on what you can learn from them.


Jan explores the concept of, “Limited perception of reality,” or believing that one perspective makes the whole truth. There is what happens (reality), and there are assumptions, interpretations, feelings and choices that follow. Assumptions are made when filling in the gaps, based in what you have seen before. When we get feedback, we have to be aware of how that can serve me today; we have to own the interpretation that is serving us at a specific time.

After the interpretation, we make that the truth, and we make choices about it. Exercise with Monika and Jan on your emotional responses towards a certain experience you have had, What was the story? What was your interpretation? How did it make you feel? What were the choices you made, based on that? Shift your perspective from “limited,” to “dynamic,” after this eye-opening exercise. Make different interpretations, and create alternative realities from the one that made you feel bad. You can call yourself the “luckiest person” on Earth, if you know how to see your experiences as how they can serve you, believing that things will work out.

Where do the judgments come from? When you start saying their opinion is right, you are making it real. You can choose every hour how to take things; a new opportunity is arising every moment for you to interpret reality differently. “I am not a failure.I am not failing, I will not fail. Things are happening in perfect alignment.” You are creating your reality, even by the words you choose to describe your experiences.

Expand your mind! See your greatness, be your greatness, pay it forward.

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