Jan & Monika

Episode 004: Your Way Is Not The Only Way

Jan and Monika Zands discuss this topic today: “Your way is not the only way.” They give us foundational tools for you to start living the life that you want. When we were children, we experienced life one way: through our senses, and that way we processed reality was “the only way.” When we get older, we become aware that our way is not the only way. What if you could experience your life by looking at it through different lenses? How would that help you to love yourself and others more?


Questioning  your perception, and how others are perceiving you, is one of the first steps. What am I doing? How do I like to serve the world? Are you checking in? When you are… how can you use the information that comes as feedback? There is a complex situation, since everyone sees the world from their own experiences. What you think about yourself is first! Then you start to ask people, according to how close they are to you. Then evaluate how you resonate to their feedback. How do we choose, and decide how to do things differently?


Free yourself from self-judgment; you need to get out of your way in order to be able to deliver. Love yourself, others, the moment, and your journey! Humans are designed to be seen and be touched, in order to survive; that is how we experience we are worthy. Monika uses the example of the mother’s and baby’s first encounters, how the mother loves and caresses her newborn, and the major impact this has. Monika and Jan go deeper into two tools:


– Reflecting is a beautiful tool that is used to see how the other is feeling, and the feelings that the world is having for you. We are usually so conditioned to just say what we want to say, so we are not really listening to others, creating this feeling of “separation.”


– Perception checking is another tool to get closer; asking the right questions: “What did you hear me saying?” and, “This is what I heard you saying.” Learn how to replace “No,” with a “Yes, and…” Listen to practical explanations. Practice, exercise, and become more aware, along with the guidance of Monika and Jan. Become more aware of how you are interpreting everything, and learn new ways to look at it.

See your greatness, be your greatness, and pay it forward!

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