Jan & Monika

Episode 003: Choose How You Experience What Happens In Your Life

Jan and Monika Zands welcome you to Mindset Academy, a place where you can start living a life of purpose and gratitude, with less suffering. Today´s episode is about how you chose to experience what is happening in your life. Your interpretation of what happens depends on your own perspective. Jan’s and Monika’s purpose is bringing awareness to the various possible perspectives, and to provide the tools to get more joy and less suffering.


Are you learning the lessons you need to learn? How do you get unstuck, and learn the lessons life tries to teach you? How could you live the life you love? Being present is the answer. We never actually live in the past or the future, we live in an infinite number of presents. Suffering is in the now, and fed by the past and fear of the future; the upset comes from the feeling that something should be different from the way that it really is. We say to ourselves, It “should” be different! In reality things should never be different than the way than they are. If you go into your “should,” you will always find a judgment hidden.


Last week, Jan and Monika explored the options to choose and give yourself permission to shift, and start seeing things differently than how you have always perceived them; this connects to today’s show and how you can also stop judgments and shoulds that are conditioning your suffering. We are energetic beings, we keep awareness on the physical aspect and the food we eat that gives us energy to function, but what happens with our mental. emotional, and spiritual levels?

Entering the experience of love, is realizing that love equals healing. When you feel love, the experience of loving serves for healing. There is more to be grateful for, than for anything else. Things are constantly happening to us; how we decide to look at them will determine the experience. The orientation shifts if you feel a victim of the situation, or rather, see it as a chance for learning a lesson. Learn how to ask yourself currently, “How does this serve me?” Trust that if life loves you, things will work out; have faith! The universe is always serving us. It is a matter of choosing whether you want to believe the world benefits, or not. There is no scientific explanation that supports this, but still it is your choice to decide what to believe, and how that models your perspective of what is going on in your life.


Practice with Jan, Monika and several other people that share their life’s situations during this show; feel the experience resonating with your own life situation. Open up, learn, grow, and become more aware and present!



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