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WakeUP! 003: Taking The Leap with Lauren Welter

Equipped with her Business and Finance degree from the University of North Carolina, Lauren Welter had everything a young, optimistic career woman could want. She had been offered a position as an investment banking analyst on Wall Street, and was eager to take on NYC and begin her climb to the top. Little did she know at the time, the generous salary, fancy weekend soirees and new-found status, would not provide the fulfillment she had expected.

In this episode of Wake Up!, Lauren shares about taking a giant leap of faith, packing up her things up and moving back to her hometown of Iowa City to complete a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. It’s a story of finding joy in the simple life experiences, choosing to make a difference for others… and knowing when to take the leap.

Get excited for Episode 3 with Lauren Levy!



Discussion Topics:

– How did you ‘wake up’ to your true calling in life after a career in investment banking on Wall Street?

– What kind of support were you given to pursue your new ambitions and career change? What contributed to you feeling safe enough to do this?

– Now that you’ve woken up to your purpose, what are you doing about it?

– What guidance would you give to someone on how to follow their heart?