Jan & Monika

WakeUP! 002: Healing The World with Mia Banducci

Mia Banducci is a healer and a dedicated world changer. Her background and education are in international business, and after traveling the world she fell so in love with the communal culture of food in every country she visited that she transitioned her focus to the culinary realm.


She has worked in wellness from the physical capacity as a personal chef and evolved into the power of healing mind, body, and soul energetically. At 16, a horrific car accident nearly took her left arm, and battling insecurity and fear consumed her life for many years. After working tirelessly to heal her wounds internally, she overcame the physical scars and her entire life transformed.


She is on a mission to shift the image of female role models in the modern world so young girls can look up to intelligent, empowered, awakened women as opposed to individuals who don’t use their influence for creating a better planet and future. She teaches meditation, holds workshops for overcoming fear and stepping into personal power, and coaches people on the cultivation of happiness internally to reflect love back to them through their external reality.

Get excited for Episode 2 with Mia Banducci!



Discussion Topics:

– Who are you and what is the purpose you have woken up to?

– How did your external scar help you discover your internal greatness?

– What are some things you’ve done (and still do) to aid in your self discovery?