Jan & Monika

Episode 002: How to Move Past the Past and Choose Your Present

Jan & Monika are on a mission to spread love on a global scale through health, awareness, and mindset.This episode of Mindset Academy demonstrates how to Choose What Is So. Each participant shares one or all of their internal struggles. Then, Cynthia commands to be heard by sharing the cause of her limiting beliefs in front of the audience. Jan and Monika bathe her in the loving light she deserves and work to uncover the origin of a pattern that has re-emerged throughout her life.


Key Takeaways:


[2:29] How can we choose what is so?

[6:17] Human upset comes from believing something should be different than the way it is.

[10:38] Understanding the 6 Realms can help you align yourself with your mission.

[14:10] Academy participants share an aspect of their lives where they are not OK with what is so.

[24:11] Jan describes a story of not choosing what is so.

[27:48] At a very young age, you realize you have choices but then they are taken away by the beliefs others put on you.

[31:34] The colossal impact of a fundamental misunderstanding.

[38:17] Monika and Jan work the process with Cynthia.

[1:03:12] How to move past the past.

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