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WakeUP! 001: Conscious Capitalism with Runa Bouius

It is so fitting that Runa’s signature line reads, “Be the change you want to see in the world. ~Mahatma Ghandi,” as this is exactly how I experience her. Runa is a serial entrepreneur from Reyjavík, Iceland, who spent her first career representing a large portfolio of internationally known cosmetic and perfume brands as one of the leading wholesale distributors in Iceland at that time.


Unbeknownst to Runa at the time, she was an active practitioner of many of the Conscious Leadership principles taking flight today. After two decades in the cosmetics industry, she sold her companies and headed to the U.S. in 1996. She spent the next decade immersing herself in mentorship and training in various disciplines such as wisdom traditions, energy-cultivating practices, direct teachings from Nature and Conscious Leadership. Since 2005 Runa has been in the Conscious Business field and an active participant of the Conscious Capitalism Movement. She designs and facilitates transformational programs and retreats for teams, companies, and peer groups. She mentors business executives, and speaks and writes about the new leadership mindset she likes to as Conscious Leadership.


After relocating to LA in 2011, Runa’s entrepreneurial streak has gotten expression as the co-founder of the Conscious Leader Network, co-producing the TOGETHER! Conference for women around Conscious Business practices, and being one of the co-founding members of the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter. Runa is a certified mediator and supports other mediators and attorneys to strengthen their inner practice for outer success, peace, and calm. She is an honorary board member of the Red Wind Councils and on the board of the TOGETHER! Community. She has spoken at conferences such as The International Conference on Business and Consciousness, Women’s International Networking, the Conscious Capitalism Conference, and the FORGE! and TOGETHER! Women’s conferences.

Get excited for our episode with Runa Bouius!


Discussion Topics:

– What is conscious capitalism?

– How did Scandinavian culture and values shape your purpose?

– Why were you compelled to leave your environment of support and kindness that you speak about, and come to the U.S.?

– How are we preserving ‘humans’ as we are advancing technologically?

– How would you coach someone to “wake up” to the leader inside of them?


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