Jan & Monika

Episode 001: The Soul Line

Monika and Jan Zands bring their Mindset Academy to a podcast!

In this first episode, Jan and Monika share foundational language so we better understand the terminology associated with future conversations in Mindset Academy. They also break down their philosophy into digestible parts, to simplify our journey to reach our authentic selves by way of our soul line. Monika explains the Dance of Relationship and achieving mastery, and Jan explains where suffering and sadness is born.


Key Takeaways:


[1:36] Monika and Jan offer their training and classes to uplift, elevate, and spread love throughout the planet.

[5:35] Designing who you want to show up as, on the planet.

[8:25] Inspecting the lens through which you look at life.

[12:45] Elevate up the soul line to arrive at your authentic self.

[15:57] The Dance of Relationship.

[25:45] The goal line is in the physical realm.

[28:08] Navigating your experience through the quest.

[34:43] Foundational conversations so all conversations can be elevated.

[36:31] Most suffering and sadness comes from wishing something is different than what it is.

[46:00] How are you being motivated, and is it serving you?

[51:14] Monika shares this week’s reminder.

Mentions: Mindset Academy Zoom Video Conferencing University of Santa Monica Sponsor: Blueprint Consulting